photo by Ryszard

photo by Ryszard

Moé / 萌

Having spent her life in both the UK and Japan, Moé grew up questioning various forms of bordering; drawing a line, making a distinction between 'here' and 'there', 'us' and 'them'. Boy/girl, citizen/foreigner, femininity/masculinity, Japanese/non-Japanese... Feeling not quite Japanese (whatever that means) and not quite British (whatever that means), she has been pondering on the concept of ‘home’.

She would like to make HOME IS_____ a platform to question the assumptions surrounding the concepts of 'home' and 'belonging', to contribute to the ongoing conversations about those topics, particularly in Japan.


HOME IS_____を通じていろいろな「ホーム」の意味やあり方を探り、普段は当たり前と思われていることを揺さぶりたい。

HOME IS: always in the moment.

HOME IS: sharing in a collective memory.

Joyce / ジョイス

Born in Hong Kong, one of Joyce’s first childhood memories is an anxious feeling of not being able to pull off a good self-introduction in English on her first day of school after her family moved to Toronto. After spending her university days in London, she is currently working as an editor for art books in Tokyo.

Combining her experience of living in four countries and love for travelling, Joyce is naturally interested in people’s psychological construction and connection to places, and seeks to reveal ideas on identity and sense of home through photography and film. She hopes to expand the definition of home by sharing different stories on HOME IS_____.



HOME IS: where?

HOME IS: where everyday life is.